Hatherley Infant School & Nursery

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Partnership with Parents

We look forward to working together with you in partnership to foster a safe, welcoming and secure environment for our children.  We know that children do best when their parents and school work together in partnership. To do this our aim is to make you feel welcomed and valued. Please remember that as your child’s parents, you are their most important teachers.

We aim to build on the learning that will have already taken place with you at home. We invite parents and carers to a wide variety of different events during the year but we welcome parents at anytime.  We have an open door policy so please come in to talk to us at anytime.

We visit all of our children at home before they start in reception. This helps us to make sure we find out all that we need to know about your child so they have a happy start to their time here.

How do I find out about my child’s learning and progress?
At the beginning of each year we have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting for parents and carers to meet your child’s teacher. They will tell you all about the exciting things your child will be learning about during the year and how you can support your child’s learning at home. There will also be at least two opportunities during the year to come and talk with your child’s teacher about their learning, progress and how else you can help your child with their learning.

How do I contact School?
Please keep in contact with us and always come and see us if you have any questions or concerns or to keep us informed about anything that is happening at home which may have an impact on your child’s learning or well-being. If you want to see your child’s teacher, after school is best or you can come and talk to the Headteacher or Inclusion Lead. 

How will school contact me?
Please make sure we have up to date phone numbers so we can contact you easily, particularly in an emergency or if your child is unwell.
We send out fortnightly newsletters, so please check your child’s book bag every day. We also send out text messages, particularly to remind you about important events

We thank you in advance for respecting the ‘Better Together’ ethos of our school.