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How can I help my child ?

At Hatherley Infants we believe that the best learning is the result of a special partnership between home and school and we actively encourage all parents and carers to be co-educators of their children. Here are some ideas for things you can do to help your child with their learning and progress.

Talk to your child in the morning about school routines and what they might be learning that day. Ask them about their day on the way home. What did they learn? What did they enjoy the most?

Talk to your child about the things you are doing. Listen carefully and be patient, do not fill in words or finish sentences for them. Give them time to talk. As often as possible talk to your child in your first language. 

Try to go on outings and talk about the things you see answering your child's questions. 

Enjoy books together. Read to your child as often as possible. All children benefit from hearing stories read to them and talking about them. Remember that the library has lots of books for your child to choose from, and it is free! A bedtime story should be relaxed and enjoyable.

Share the reading books your child brings home and encourage them to read to you. When your child brings a book home from school try to hear them read a little every day. Your child's class teacher can give you ideas if you are unsure how to do this or if your child is reluctant.

Encourage your child to hold their pencil correctly and form lower case letters using school guidelines. At school we use lower case letters except for first letters of names and at the beginning of sentences. 

Play board games such as snakes and ladders or other games which use dice, complete jigsaw puzzles, play card games such as snap, talk about numbers, look for shapes and patterns inside and outside, count with your child.

Go out to the park and play ball games, skip, ride bikes and scooters, go for walks in the countryside e.g. Robinswood Hill and point out special or interesting things, make collections.

Your child will bring a letter home each term which will explain the theme for the term and the learning map which will set out the learning which is planned. Please read this and support by talking to your child, getting books from the library, researching on the internet, having family days out etc.  Alongside the Learning Map, we provide homework grids for you to chose from a range of activities to share with your child throughout each term.

Watch T.V and films together or play computer games together.  It is really important to talk to them about whatever you are watching or playing as this will help to develop their vocabulary and understanding.

Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep, don’t let them watch T.V or play computer games before bedtime. Make sure they have breakfast before coming to school.

Make contributions to their learning journals and Reading Diaries at home.

Come to parent meetings, special assemblies,  special events, curriculum workshops and open mornings, 'sharing learning mornings' and talk to staff if you ever have any concerns or questions.

Remember everyone learns at a different rate, so try not to compare with brothers, sisters and friends. Give lots of praise and encouragement to help your child to succeed. 

Please also see the learning and curriculum pages for subject or year group specific information on how you can help.

How can I become involved?

Become a parent volunteer. Extra adult supports helps all children. Parents can help with activities to support learning across the curriculum e.g. reading, cooking.

Become an active member of The Friends of Hatherley Infant School. The Friends raise money through organising a range of activities for children and families.

Become a parent governor. Governors take a long-term interest in the life of our school, making sure we provide the very best for every child.

Praise and encourage your child. Have fun together.         

Remember you are creating happy memories for your child.

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