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At Hatherley Infant School and Nursery we understand the vital role of PE and how this can support the wellbeing of our children. At Hatherley we strive to give every child the skills and knowledge to become a healthy advocate, give every child the chance to develop and improve their fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination, allow children the opportunity to experience extra-curricular and community physical activity and give every child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. We want to be resilient, curious and aspiring sportsmen and women.


At Hatherley Infants we teach PE through the REAL PE programme.  We focus on developing six key abilities:

  • Children’s personal, social, physical, cognitive and creative skills as well as teaching them the importance of health and fitness.

By teaching PE in this way, all children are able to succeed.  In each engaging lesson they are given opportunities to improve their fundamental skills, make important decisions about their own learning as well as evaluate themselves and others in positive ways. 

Our children also have access to opportunities to be creative and explore their bodies in dance. They develop mindfulness and thinking skills in yoga and explore movements following a thematic approach in gymnastics.

In EYFS children improve their core strength, balance and co-ordination skills through our balancability bike sessions. All children are excited and engaged in our brain breaks through an online enthusiastic fitness instructor.

At Hatherley we also understand the importance, even more so now of physical activity outside of school hours to support both physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, we provide a range of extra-curricular activities chosen through the school council which include Zumba, Football, Multiskills and healthy lifestyle sessions which include cooking.


At Hatherley Infant School and Nursery, we know that our PE curriculum is progressive and allows all children to develop their fundamental movement skills and achieve individual goals. Our pupils are physically active at Hatherley and this has positive impacts on their learning in the classroom. Children at Hatherley understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical activity. We strive for children to have a love of sport which they can continue outside of school and in their future lives.