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Learning Gems

What are our learning powers?

These are some of the behaviours children are trying to acquire to help them become more effective learners. Click here for our Learning Gems overview.

Have you got the learning power?

Ruby power

Ruby power is the ability to work as a team.

It gives you the power to point out each other’s success and let someone know when they are doing well. It helps you to remember and understand what people say and do, especially if the people in the team are smiling and happy.

People with lots of ruby power also smile, laugh, relax and feel good.

Sapphire power

Sapphire power gives you the ability to fight off monster distraction and keeps you focused.

Emerald power

Emerald power makes you feel challenged so that you feel ‘butterflies’ in your tummy. Once you get used to that feeling you can learn to control it rather than the Emerald power controlling you!

Don’t let worry and stress turn off your thinking. This is when you loose your emerald power! Instead overcome your mistakes to increase your emerald power.

Diamond power

Diamond power is the ability to solve problems and learn! The more problems you solve the better you become at learning.