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Regular attendance at school is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including their attainment, well-being and wider life chances. The expectation for all our pupils is that they:

Attend regularly

Be punctual

Be ready to learn

  • The definition of ‘regularly’ is every time the school is open.
  • Children should attend school unless they are genuinely too ill to attend, or have the absence authorised by the head teacher.
  • Parents and carers should only ask for a leave of absence from school in exceptional circumstances; these are defined as those that are rare, significant, unavoidable and short.
  • The school will inform parents of their children’s absence throughout the academic year and provide support to help remove barriers to regular attendance.
  • Pupils whose attendance falls below 90% are persistently absent; this equates to missing 20 or more days per academic year. This level of absence will affect both their learning and academic well-being. Support will be put in place for pupils at risk of being persistently absent.
  • Pupils who are regularly late miss learning time and disrupt the start of the day for both themselves and the teachers. All pupils should aim to be on site at or before 8:50 am.

Attendance Team

Mrs Johnson (Inclusion Lead) and Mrs Thelwell (School Administrator)

Please either telephone the school on 01452 522027, leave a telephone message or email to notify one of the team if your child is absent, giving the reasons.  Please phone, text or email every day before 9.00 am when your child is absent.  Any absences where school is not contacted will be unauthorised.

We’re here to help

Mrs Johnson is in school full-time to support children with their learning and pastoral needs.  If you are concerned about your child’s learning or are experiencing difficulties which may impact on your child’s ability to focus and learn (bereavement, separation, anxiety, illness etc) please speak to the class teacher or make an appointment/pop into school to speak to Mrs Johnson.