Hatherley Infant School & Nursery

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Key Stage 1

Our focus is always on children’s learning and achievements, ensuring children know what they are learning and why, as well as how it relates to other areas of the curriculum. We are committed to providing an environment which allows children to develop their fullest potential throughout all areas of the curriculum.

The curriculum areas covered are:

English, Maths and Science. These are known as the core subjects.

Art, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Computing, Music, Physical Education (PE), Religious Education (RE). These are  known as the foundation subjects. 

The Key Stage One curriculum begins when children start Year One and concludes at the end of Year Two. The curriculum is organised so that there are clear steps to build up knowledge and understanding in a way which is relevant, exciting and practical. The Key Stage One curriculum consolidates and builds upon learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our approach to learning reflects the value we place on each individual. Each child is able to learn at his/her pace according to ability. This means that although there are overall curriculum guidelines and objectives (i.e. The Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum) each individual child’s curriculum is differentiated according to his/her needs.

Children are involved in the planning and evaluation of their learning. Teachers take account of their interests and learning needs when they plan. Children need to know what their next steps should be in order to make improvements and move on in their learning. A range of teaching and learning styles and strategies are used to ensure the needs of all children are met.  Children are encouraged to develop an awareness and understanding of how they learn. They are encouraged to reflect on and carry out self-evaluation of the work that they have done. We hope that the curriculum we provide will stimulate and excite in all children a thirst for knowledge and discovery.

We offer a themed-based curriculum, which aims to be exciting and challenging whilst promoting and enriching the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, emotional and physical development of all pupils. Curriculum areas are well planned and resourced to enable children to experience success as learners and ‘sparkle’. We encourage all children to become independent learners, as we place great emphasis on learning as a life-long activity. We are driven by the desire to ensure all pupils are fully prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. The curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we are in line with current developments and initiatives as well as broad and balanced.

We do not place a limit on our expectations of what children should be able to achieve. It is our aim that through positive encouragement and praise, all children should have sufficient confidence to tackle anything and aspire to their dreams.

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