Hatherley Infant School

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In PE we aim to:

  • Give every child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life.
  • Include, challenge and support every child
  • Develop and improve children’s fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and co-ordination
  • Develop children’s understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle 

At Hatherley Infant School we teach PE through the REAL PE programme.  We focus on developing six key abilities:

  • Children’s personal, social, physical, cognitive and creative skills as well as teaching them the importance of health and fitness.  

As a games player children will play both competitively and co-operatively in different situations. They will be able to make up simple rules for their own games and apply the skills and tactics that they have been taught.

As a gymnast children will develop balance, agility and co-ordination and master basic movements such as jumping, twisting, spinning, and rolling.By teaching PE in this way, all children are able to succeed.  In each engaging lesson they are given opportunities to improve their fundamental skills, make important decisions about their own learning as well as evaluate themselves and others in positive ways.  


As a dancer children will be inspired by exciting music and different cultures to create dances and sequences of movement that will tell a story:
In dance we give children opportunities to be creative and to explore how their bodies can move in a range of ways.  Dance is theme based and runs alongside children’s learning in the classroom.  Children develop skills which allow them to work on a dance to music over a period of time.  Opportunities are also given to perform dances at local dance competitions.

Our children also enjoy a whole school approach to yoga thus developing their mindfulness and thinking skills. 

In EYFS children improve their core strength, balance and co-ordination skills through our daily balanceability bike sessions.
At Hatherley we also understand the importance of physical well being outside of school hours and therefore provide a range of extra-curricular activities including zumba, boxercise, ‘the fitness factor’ and a healthy lifestyles club.

Finally, all our children are taught to be aware of how to lead healthy, active lives and importantly, every child recognises their own success.

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