Hatherley Infant School

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Design Technology

We encourage our children to develop a love for Design and Technology by providing them with them with opportunities to work in a range of different contexts. For example; 

As designers, children will develop the skills of designing, making and evaluating products for themselves and other uses. Through this work they will learn to:

  •  use a range of tools and techniques
  •  select from a range of different materials according to suitability.

Design and Technology incorporates many skills such as designing, making and evaluating purposeful, functional and appealing products. Design and Technology also includes learning the basic principles of a healthy diet to prepare simple dishes and understand where food comes from. Through topic work, all children enjoy exploring and tasting foods from other cultures as well as participating in cookery sessions. As a school, we actively promote healthy eating and making good lifestyle choices. We encourage our children to be adventurous and confident in developing ideas and sharing them with each other in a supportive and positive environment. It is an important part of the process for them to then evaluate, discuss and celebrate their achievements with each other at the end of a project.

Throughout our school, the children experience a wide range of Design and Technology experiences and opportunities, enhanced by a choice of quality materials and resources and engaging scenarios.

DT Curriculum Map