Hatherley Infant School & Nursery

Learn and grow {{tree}} together


The intent of our curriculum

We believe in nurturing and educating the whole child and providing children with skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in life, whatever their starting point. Equity lies at the core of everything we believe and do, with children’s needs and interests at the heart of our curriculum.

Many children have limited language skills on entry. Developing the ability to express themselves fluently, coherently and grammatically in speech is a priority as this impacts on every other area of learning.

Providing children with opportunities to explore and fully engage with a coherent and cumulative curriculum will promote progress (knowing more and remembering more) and good attitudes to learning. All children will be encouraged to develop a growth mindset in order to become confident, resilient and independent learners.

We are designing our curriculum so that all Hatherley Infant and Nursery children:

  • Have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • Belong to our school, our diverse local community, our City of Gloucester, our country and the world
  • Love learning, are curious and keen to explore the world around them
  • Have academic ambition and are aspirational for their futures
  • Have the skills and confidence to communicate effectively
  • Think creatively to solve problems and challenge themselves to become a successful (purple) learner
  • Grow into responsible, outward looking global citizens
  • Have the knowledge, skills and emotional wellbeing to lead happy lives


Themed Curriculum Map




Spring Summer


Nursery Rhymes

All About Me



Pets and Animals


Plants and Growing

The Grufallo

The Seaside  



Food, Glorious Food!

People who help us


The Gingerbread Man

The Billy Goats Gruff 


The Three Little Pigs

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

 Year 1


Food, Glorious Food!

London's Burning 


Poles apart 

School Days


A world in miniature 

Around the world

Year 2


Food, Glorious Food!

London's Burning



Poles apart

 School Days


A World in Miniature

Around the world



Learning for Life
Through Growth Mindset and Learning Gems we aim for children to Learn and Grow together to sparkle into Successful Learners.  This helps children understand and acquire the important life - long learning skills and competences they will need not only during their years in education but also to lead successful lives.

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