Hatherley Infant School & Nursery

Learn and grow {{tree}} together

Our Team

Mrs J. Gardener




Miss A. Nicholson & Mrs K. Phillips  


Mrs R. Norris                                    

Early Years

P.E. and Humanities

Mrs P. Randall and Mrs J. Crouch (Mrs C. Clifford maternity leave)

Early Years

RE and Science

Mrs G. Piper

Year 1 

Maths and Music                                             

Miss L. Davies                                                      

Year 1 

PSHCE and D&T                                                          

Miss K. Rogers

Year 2



Mrs F. Briggs

Year 2

English, Art                                                 

Inclusion Lead / Special Education Needs and Early Help Coordinator
Mrs K. Rama

Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs K. Grimes, Mrs P. Uddin, Miss T. Pritchard, Miss K. Derby.

Year One Teaching Assistants:  Ms C. Ayling, Mrs J. Arnold.

Year Two Teaching Assistants:  Miss C. Williams, Mrs J. Fadden.

Family Support Worker: Mrs S. Buckley 

SEN Teaching Assistant: Miss N. Parry

Play Leaders

Hayley Taylor

Aaqilah Rhyman

Zainab Patel

Shirley Wild

Jane Harley

Sam Ireland

Maria Baptista 

Karen Kingscott

Kitchen Manager:  Ceri Davies

Kitchen Assistants: Sophie Smith,  Mary Jenkins



Mrs S. Wild, Ms S. Ireland, Mrs M. Correia Rios

Cleaner in charge
Miss H. Taylor