Hatherley Infant School & Nursery

Learn and grow {{tree}} together

Our Team

Mrs S. Bunce 

Interim Executive Headteacher  



Miss A. Nicholson & Mrs K. Phillips  



Miss L Davies

Early Years



Mrs P. Randall 

Early Years and Y1

RE and Humanities

Mrs G. Piper

Year 1 

Maths and Music - shared D&T                                            

Mrs F. Briggs   (Assistant Headteacher)                   

Year 1 and Year 2

English and Art - shared D&T                                                          

Miss K. Rogers

Year 2

Computing and Science



Miss C. Jasinski

Mrs P. Uddin                                         

Inclusion Lead / Special Education Needs and Early Help Coordinator/ Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs K. Rama

Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs K. Hyett, Miss C. Williams, Miss K. Derby.

Year One Teaching Assistants:  Miss C. Williams, Mrs C. Ayling.

Year Two Teaching Assistants:  Mrs J. Arnold.

Family Support Worker: Mrs S. Buckley 

SEN Teaching Assistants: Miss T. Pritchard, Miss C. Vidal.

Play Leaders

Hayley Taylor

Aaqilah Rhyman

Zainab Patel

Shirley Wild

Jane Harley

Sam Ireland

Maria Baptista 

Karen Kingscott

Kitchen Manager:  Ceri Davies

Kitchen Assistants: Sophie Smith,  Mary Jenkins



Mrs S. Wild, Ms S. Ireland, Mrs M. Correia Rios

Cleaner in charge
Miss H. Taylor